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Contact Us is a useful web resource that was specially designed for customers with limited history. At this site, we gathered the most worthwhile credit offers by the US credit companies, including plastic money deals by lenders that specialize in customers with poor and no credit histories.
We acknowledge the fact that cardholders with low rating need support and assistance, as they face certain difficulties due to their low credit scores. So, if you've got some troubles concerning credit card search, contact us and we'll do our best to sort-out your problems.
There's no need to browse through numerous sites in search of the most appropriate card for you! presents a wide assortment of various credit offers that will meet the requirements of customers with no, limited or bad credit.
Feel free to explore the deals with our user-friendly menu. All you need is to choose the section, and we will show you all credit offers that suit your requirements. We are glad to present plastic money deals by the major card companies that win the hearts of millions of US customers, like New Millennium Bank, and others.
We value your time and effort, so feel free to contact us any time you need it to get detailed answers to your burning questions.
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Our site does not collect any personal information and has no access to your credit card account.

You are always automatically redirected to the official site of the bank for filling out the application form, that's why all personal information you enter is sent straight to that bank via safe and secure connection (SSL).

Payments, cancellation of existing cards, reports of lost or stolen credit cards, requests on credit bills can only be made by contacting the customer service department of the bank issuer of the plastic you hold.

A listing of toll-free customer service numbers can be found at the back side of your credit card or in the statements.

It is strongly recommended to avoid indicating your personal financial information (social security number, credit or debit account numbers, etc.) in the content of your questions, to prevent identity theft.
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