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American Express Credit Card Offers

American Express, also known as AmEx, is a multinational financial services company which is highly appreciated in North America and all over the world. The company is also well-known for its credit cards and traveler's cheques.
American Express work hard to give their consumers to make purchases easily, safely and receive rewards for that. Even if you are a person with bad credit history you can apply for an American Express prepaid card and still have access to multiple perks.
The services provided by American Express are available to all cardholders. Purchase protection, roadside assistance, entertainment access and even access to discount and special offers are available to you.
All consumers and businesses have the opportunity to join the community of happy American Express cardholders. However, American Express credit cards are aimed mostly at consumers with good or excellent credit history. But if your credit is bad, you will find an offer for you as well. American Express issues prepaid cards, which are convenient and in some ways rewardable.

American Express is not only a credit card issuer but a network that process transactions. They also cooperate with other credit card issuers so they could issue the credit cards with American Express logo on them. Such cards can be available to people with bad credit history.
American Express gift cards are also popular amid consumers because there are no additional fees and funds do not expire. The gift cards are available to everyone and can be a good present or a way to redeem the earned bonus points.
Prepaid cards issued by American Express are good for students and for those who like the convenience of plastics. They have few fees and sweetened with perks from American Express.

Select Cards by Type

What are the best credit offers for those with less than perfect credit? Of course, you cannot count, say, on 0% APR on balance transfer but there are still deals that are quite reasonable. Take a look at what leading banks have to offer. Their products are meant especially for those whose credit history needs improvement.
If you are a young person looking for a first plastic, you should consider deals issued for people with no credit.
If your FICO score is low, your best choice will be cards for limited credit. Read the details carefully so you will not apply for the deal you are not eligible for.
Another decision you need to make is whether to apply for a secured or an unsecured offer. To get a secured plastic you need to deposit a certain amount of money to secure your credit line. The fees and interest rates are lower for such deals because the risks for the issuer are lower. If you have a bank account and have funds to make a deposit this is a very good option. Keep in mind that the approval rate for these offers is close to 100%.
But what if you do not want to make any deposits? Well, your only option is to apply for an unsecured deal. The interest rate and the fees will be higher but if you do not miss payments or go over your spending limit it will stay reasonable. Be a responsible credit card user if you want to reach your goals.
No matter how low your credit rating is there is always a deal you will be approved for. Take your time to make a comparison of MasterCard and Visa offers, consider all the details and apply for the plastic that meets your needs.
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